Morning Gusssssst

Wooooshhhhhhhhh!!! Clang clang clang

After a rough 12 – 3 am watch, I wake to the sound of 30 kt winds and the ship speeding along at 9 kts. I see Marcel, Mat, and Cress struggling in the storm as i am overwhelmed with the comfort of my birth. I can see them pulling, running and jumping about as I'm warmly perched on the port dining bench trying to close my eyes. I struggled to sleep but i couldn't stop thinking of the crew outside. I wake and much to my surprise the wind subsides. I quickly dart back to my bed and wait out the rain
that followed. he he he

As i wake the second time i see the crew drenched from head to toe having battled the passing storm and as a sign of good will i offered a warm breakfast to the crew for their bravery.

After baking in the sun the previous two days with little to no wind, I'm confident we have found the triad winds again!


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