Back on the open seas!!

Hello again,

Lets start with a little Fiji recap. We pulled into Fiji two weeks ago into Lautouka, checked in and had a real shower! They're weren't many boats at the anchorage and the next morning we found out why. It turns out that the sugar mill in Lautouka rains soot down on everything over night, so we woke up to soot all over the boat, and in the cabins. We made the decision then and there to leave asap. The following day we headed to Musket Cove. What an amazing place. We pulled into the marina sometime
in the afternoon to a waving and greeting Dennis and Rita, two of our newest crew members. That night we fired up the BBQ pit and had our first meal on plates for over 3 weeks!! The bowls were getting a little old. After dinner Roland, Marcel and I followed the music we heard from the other side of the cove. We arrived at the Plantation Resort bar and to our surprised were immediately called onto the dance floor with all the other bewildered guys. So then we had to remove our shirts, and dance
in front of all the women in the crowd. Keep in mind at this point the 3 of us were completely sober. Well, after all the “dancers” had finished it was time to award the top prize for best dancer. Well my good friend Roland was number 1!!! Congrats buddy!! We later found out that he is a dancing machine, even on two bad knees. We met a few Australians who were there for a wedding and two British moms making there way to New Zealand to start newer, more exciting lives. We met some other people
as well, a nice German girl and her friends from NZ. The snorkeling at the sand bar just a five minute dingy ride away was phenomenal, and the BBQ's we had every night will be missed! After a few days in Musket Cove we made our way to Mana Island. That's where they filmed Castaway. There was no marina so we anchored out in the bay. This was the location of our most drunken moment before 6pm. Roland and I were chugging beers, I stopped half way and Cress became angry and poured the rest of my
beer on my head. Whether it was deserved or not is debatable but it makes for good memories. This kafuffle got the attention of everyone in the bar, and before we knew it everyone was sitting around our table. When we got in the dingy to head back to the boat for dinner, Roland pushed me into the water, so I pushed him back in all to the onlookers delight. When we got back to the boat I got my revenge on Cress by pushing him off the swim grid……twice!!! Later that night the dancing machine
showed his stuff once again. After that day we decided, for our livers sake, to go back to Musket Cove for a few more nights, and to see off Roland and Marcel, and to welcome Bob and Jan from WINNIPEG! Finally some familiar accents! Roland and Marcel are missed everyday but will soon be forgotten….ahaha just kidding boys. These two guys helped make Fiji a very memorable experience, and I'm very grateful for that! I hope you guys can make it out to Singapore eventually. After two more days
in Musket Cove, and a few other girls Jan and I met, we moved on to Denerau to check out and make our way for Vanuatu. Just when I thought the partying was over, on our last night a newly wed couple and their friends started buying me beer, the crew went back to the boat, and we partied well into the night. I awoke the next morning in a bad state but ready to leave Fiji and get back on the open sea.

We left around noon on the 24th, we've been sailing for just over 12 hours and our making some progress. The new crew are getting a crash course in sailing, and learning very quickly. I just finished my first night watch and I never realised how much I missed it. It's truly a remarkable experience that doesn't get old. Dennis and Rita are on the helm, trying to get used to the steering as Bob and Jan sleep restlessly in the salon. They had a tough watch, tacking all over the place, just for
the wind to settle in for my watch. I'm sure they'll get used to sleeping in a washing machine like state. Oh well, time for bed. We've got another 4 days to Vanuatu so I'll talk to you at least one more time before we get there.

Ciao, Matt

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  1. mom says:

    jumping the gun by a month i would say.

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