How slow was it

How slow was it?

The birds didn't even want to land on our mast for a free ride.
The fish wouldn't bit on our lines.
We could out-swim the boat.
It was so slow, even our beer cans were passing us.

Who said it? “A man who would go to sea for pleasure, would go to hell for a passtime.”
Samuel Colleridge if I have my fact straight. Clearly, he had never heard of Miller Genuine Draft.

It was a modest 90 NM on our first day at sea, so we swam on the end of a rope, dozed in the heat, and watched the coconuts passing us by on the way to Vanuatu. We moved along okay last night but the trade winds slowed to a near stand still by late afternoon as a big low passed to the south of us shaking the heck out the poor souls trying to sail south to New Zealand. Presently we are sitting around with our canned water trying to keep hydrated and retelling the same stories to the new crew. All
things come to those who wait.

We have only 380 NM left to Tana Island. No sweat.
C. Cresswell

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