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Fishing anyone?

Dennis: Though we have had our line out a number of times during our passage, nothing has yet to bite. I think the hundreds and probably thousands of boats that are out trying to catch the few remaining fish are

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The uphill battle to Kumai

Irena: After 4 days and nights of 20+ SE winds – UPWIND all the way, we have finally reached Kumai. It was a struggle made bearable only because of our most amazing crew – Dennis and Rita. It is an

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June 22, 2011-06-22Cress: Pontianak, Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. Tis the day after skate board day, and all is well! Our new young skateboard friends from Pontianak sent us off in fine style with boxes of Bingka, a custard/egg local specialty (it

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On our way to Indonesia via Malaysia??

Greetings me hearties! We rest t’day at the fair docks of Kuching, 10 miles up the Sungai Serawak, a river of Borneo remembered for its head hunters of yesteryear (we hope) and Proboscis monkeys (Jimmy Durante eat your heart out).

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