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All day every day we sail before the timeless SE Wind…

As I watched the sun rise over the transom during the dawn watch,I realized I have not blogged about what it is like at sea, day after day (waiting on email aside!) on passage in a small boat. Its a

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From exactly in the middle of nowhere!

Sniff…. Sniff…..[from exactly in the middle of nowhere]One thing we know without doubt: These days, all three of us onboard are keen for news from friends. So, though it's not completely true we are just sitting about waiting for emails,

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thank you universe for sending us a little less wind and a little fish for dinne

Eve of Day four ends and darkness descends on our wee vessel alone here in the middle of the Indian Ocean, sailing on. We had a great day sailing with a little less wind and a wee mahimahi for dinner.

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Day 4 and all is well

Irena here – Well I guess some of us are taking a little longer to adjust than Cress! With the wind easing just a wee bit last night, and the sun coming out to grace our day, everything seems just

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Sa’ fine day to rise at sea!

Steel grey giants roll up behind and under, sea birds swoop and dive, a stout rig pulling strong over the lumpy water. Tall clouds ring the horizon all around. It's clear above. The descending moon giving way on one side

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And away we go!

Set sail this morning at 0930 for Rodrigeuz – 2000 miles away.Winds, as almost always in this part of the world, SE at 15 to 20 knots. Making good time this evening as the sun sets. Two reefs in the

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Cocos Keeling: Short but sweet

Friday August 19, 2011 Here we sit in Cocos Keeling…. Pretty sleepy, that’s for sure. As luck would have it, it is Ramadan now, so it’s really sleepy! It’s actually snoring. The ferry connecting us to the island where our

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Safe at Anchor in Cocos Keeling – three 200 mile days to sail here – unbelievabl

An absolutely pristine, tropical island atoll, Cocos Keeling welcomed us with sunny skies, crystal blue waters,friendly cruisers and a fabulous tradewind breeze to keep us cool as we soak up the beauty in the lee of Direction Island. Staggeringly natural.

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Day one was a 200 mile day! Outstanding. Day two has dawned clear and cool, the SE trades rebuilding from the SE to 20 knots. Sun sparkling on 2 meter seas, our fishing line in tow. Ripping along on a

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We Are Away!

Hello everyone!Set sail this morning at 0700 hours from Krakatau (Indonesia) for Cocos Keeling (Australia).Fast start – 100 miles in the first 12 hours – sailing on close reach in 15 knots from the SE, moderate seas,sunshine and a dry

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