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Pure Joy! Irena

As we sit here in Black River Bay, one of the most beautiful anchorages in the world, each morning Cress and I rise at about 6am to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in the cockpit together. It’s a time

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Black River Anchorage, Mauritius

Another day ending at anchor in Mauritius, Black River Bay. Weather changing. Tomorrow rain.

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Eitan? Well not quite yet, though he has aspirations …..

Remember how much fun it was to fly a kite as a kid? The thrill of running the kite to a great height overhead? The fun of flying the kite up and down and around the sky? The tug of

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Black River

In our usual way as 50-somethings-I-don’t-sleep-like-I-used-tos, Irena and I woke at dawn yesterday and had coffee in the cockpit. As we waited for the java to work its magic, we talked over our greater plans. By 7am we were quite

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Lose Yourself in Mauritius

Timeless days have stretched into weeks on the Island of Mauritius. After 10 days in port, we left Port Louis and it’s horse races behind (and a little of our cash) last week and, with 11 people from other cruising

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