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Down Wind Sailing?

Well our bags are packed, we’re ready to go….Winds from the north, 20 to 15 knots….. could it be? Downwind sailing at last is here for us? Been in the Canaries this last week preparing for our passage to the

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Outta here!

 Gibraltar to Morocco! Well my goodness- it took A LOT of upwind sailing – but we are finally out of the Med – through the Straights of Gibraltar and on the African continent – in Morocco at last! Once again

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Safe in Gibraltar!

Update. Fabulous sail today. Having beat our brains our short tacking the coast of Spain day and night,against 20 and 30 knot headwinds, (under power and sail), this morning we hit the far western end of the Med and caught

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The Harem Crew rocks

Ahem….. ……. …Ahhhemm!  Which one is the squash? (hint – none of them, its a carved Halloween melonAsk Barb) ……… Testing…testing one, two, three….. four. Hmmm, well it still seems to work…. …… Well, Hello! Some of you may have

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