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An Adventure in Power and Love

As I prepare to get out of here next week for a trip to a family reunion in in Manitoba, Canada, I have been thinking about the learning I value most from my work with the “House of I” this last month:

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“How would you play the game?”

“How would you play the game?”, came a question from one of the group members, not so much a challenge really, though he clearly wanted the facilitator to stop facilitating,  and share his own perspective! It was 10 pm,  the

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Bali – I was mugged! It was a set up with four people on two motor bikes. I had just turned off the main road onto the road that took me to the lodging I was sharing with Lyle. It

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Bali, sooth my soul

Letting go. Dropping down. Surrender. Bali is a place to recover your wa, chill the stress from your bones, reconnect with yourself and your humanity. The Balinese are open for you, if you can be present to them. This week

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