Steady as she goes!

Day 7 is as clear and beautiful day as you could have at sea. Clear blue skys, azure waters, puffy playful cu’s, and little us, beavering along northbound at about 7 knots. We have not seen a single ship, boat, nothing but birds since leaving. We are about 850 miles north of Honolulu now, making good progress. The winds have moved into a more favorable quarter for our comfort and the waves have abated slightly. We have our sea legs, so are back on our feet doing more than just lurching from berth to cockpit, as so characterizes the first days of a passage when beating up wind. And so, ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, for the first time ever, i will attempt to post a PHOTOGRAPH to our blog by email post from offshore!! Yes, folks isn’t that amazing!! Some of you know we are quite band width challenged out here. Our only connection with the outside world is via our trusty ICOM 706 MKIIg Ham radio. We hook our computer up to a gadget called a pactor modem (for ‘packet’ radio)which takes our computer created emails, chops it into bits. The modem then takes control of the ham radio, calls up a ham base station, transmits the bits, which are received and recreated into an email and stuffed into the internet for your reading pleasure. Your replies make the same journey in the opposite direction when we call up the base station to see if we have any mail waiting. There are about 50 ham base stations around the world which provide this service, for the fun of it. Excellent, but by pure internet standards, S L O W. So please don’t try this at home……no photo replies! In the photo I am sending, if it makes it, you sill see our position in red in the lower left hand corner and you will see our intended course to Vancouver arching northward over the top of the north pacific high, making landfall at the north end of Vancouver Island. Each diamond on the route is one day’s sail (140 nautical miles on an average day)The arrows are wind direction and speed indicators. Each full fletch on each arrow equals about 10 knots or about 17 km of wind speed. This weather file is called a grib file and this is the forecast for Sept 7, six days away. Who know if this is how it will come to pass? Everyday, I download a new set ol grib files forecasting out about 7 days using the same email function that brings you this. So far our long range strategy is holding together. Stay tuned. One thing you do not see on this photo are any tropical storms. This is a good thing. If I hear back this photo gets posted I will send out a picture of one of the tropical storms lurking outside the frame of this picture. Today, Irena and I celebrate our 16 th anniversary of being together. Wow, ten of them sailing about. Tonight we will toast to our good fortune and to our friends who helped us get so far! Cheers Cresswell

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