Heah! Somebody turned out the lights…

StormIt was like God went home, and turned off the lights on the way out. Dark and Windy? Hah! Rough? Last night, finally, the remnants of tropical storm Ignacio overtook us as she roared past to the north, dragging her southern skirts across our track. We went from bright sun, to deep dark overcast and high winds and rain. Dark came early and with no moon in the sky and not a star to be seen it was so dark, we could see nothing into the night. And so we were left to fumble with our sails trying to keep the boat under control in winds rising to 35 knots. Thats 60 kilometers for you metric types. Over the course of a couple of hours we shortened sail from full sail, to reefed sails to staysail only, a tiny sprite of a sail, and that was up at all just for stability in the giant waves. It was one of those long nights where Irena and I traded wet watches on deck for wet cat naps below. For those of you who have never been to sea in a small boat, the thing to know is the hardest part is the motion (if not the emotion fear). moving up and down 15 foot waves, the boat bucks and jumps and wiggles and rolls with such abandon, we cannot stand. Instead, we lurch from hand hold to hand hold, and crawl like a drunks down the deck as we go about about the business of sailing the boat in heavy weather and looking after our tender needs for food drink and potty time. It was a busy night and we are both a bit pooped. But it was short too. This morning the winds are down to 25 knots and the seas are calming though the rolling is really pissing me off as I try to type this and hang on at the same time. Best of all the sun is in and out and we and the boat are drying out. And even better than that – we are only 646 miles from Cape Scott on the north end of Vancouver Island. This means one quarter to go in a 2459 mile passage from Hawaii. We are keen!

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