Making Landfall – Reality Sinking In

It’s was a cold morning here on board Conversations – our very own R.E.M. b541c-at2bsea2bshot(Reality Escape Machine). Day 17 from Hawaii. Patches of fog drifting about, solidly overcast, it was hard to believe land and life is only another sleep away. Soon the morning sun burned off the low cloud and nice brisk wind rose from the NW to blow away much of the rest of the cloud – the sun is out. Looks like its going to be a free electricity day! More solar and wind energy than our equipment can consume. Maybe we will celebrate by leaving all the lights on tonight…… not likely! We will be content to bring our batteries up, our fridge’s down and our device on line. So, this will be our last day on the open ocean – at least for a while. All too soon, things like job interviews, phone calls, and paying bills will take the place of trimming sails, tracking our course and watching & reading weather files. Indeed a totally different reality is waiting for us. As we contemplated this is new reality, Irena said “its a pitty, all this passage, no dolphins, no whales…. no……. whoooooosh – a pod of humpback whales blew spume close aboard to starboard! They are soooooo big, and beautiful in their effortless gliding through the water. This is all quite bittersweet for us. On one hand, by the time we are near the end of a 3 week passage, we are chomping at the bit to get to terra firma, go for a walk, get exercise and get a good full night’s sleep. On the other hand, we know not when we will return to the sea, so we are savouring every moment out here, the great expanse of sky and sea that surrounds us, even the fog and the cold and damp. (Well maybe not so much the cold and damp!) However my (Irena)emotions are running high, and that feels good. I feel alive and energized, fully engaged and filled with the wonderful anticipation of a new day, a new chapter. September is a good month for this. I remember well feeling like this at the start of each school year. It’s a time of starting fresh, all your pencils sharpened, all your intentions focused on doing well this year, the excitement of the all that novelty. And so it is here! We have slowed Conversations down to about 5 knots as we approach the coast in order to arrive at the channel entrance at first light tomorrow morning, now 50 NM away. We do get to break ourselves in gently however. We will arrive in Port Hardy tomorrow (Sunday at the north end of Vancouver Island) and once we are checked in with customs, we will spend the next 5 days day-sailing down some of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. The inside passage between Vancouver Island and mainland BC– a magnificent coast filled with lush fiords, islands and anchorages — is definitely the road/water less traveled. After ten years of passage making, we simply cannot get our heads around the truth that, at the end of this passage, unlike at the end of all others, we will be home. BTW our thanks again to Paul, for being our responsible person tracking daily our position, sending us weather forecasts, and keeping us cheered with his usual irreverent and humourous quips. All are comforting to us way out here…. Cress and Irena

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