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Obviously, I am a sailor. And an adventurer. And a student of life, the world and what it takes to live fully, freely, with passion and joy.

This is part of what I bring to my work as an adult development and people process expert, helping people and businesses build motivation, leadership and mastery.

In simple terms, I do this a coach, facilitator and consultant, connecting people’s passions to their skills and ambitions.

My unique value proposition is my professional background as a leader blended with some extraordinary personal accomplishments and experiences. For example, my sail around the world inspires my clients to act intentionally to find their own greatness – for themselves and the organization in which they lead.

My life has transformed me. It inspires and informs my clients.

Find me at www.sail7cs.com and www.coachingworksintl.com !


Fi[Irena.C.jpg]rst mate, partner, mother, daughter, grandmother and once in a while a project manager – this is who I am. I am loving the adventure of traveling and working our way around the world in our floating home – ‘Conversations’.

My career has been centered around Medical Imaging Software Applications, as a project manager, application specialist and customer advocate. I have had the privelidge of working with many great people in companies large and small – the most recent being Microsoft in Singapore.

What I enjoy most though is sharing our journey and wonderful adventures with family and friends.

Makes it all worth while!